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You can find miscellaneous programs here.

Program Description Link
Files encrypter The program allows to encrypt and decrypt files with a given key. Download
Alarm-Clock Alarm clock program. Plays a sound file in a defined time. The name of the file must be "alarm.wav", it must exist in the same directory as the program does. Download
English teacher Helps to study English. The program displays english word and its russian translation on the screen. It can show the words in 7 different modes. It is possible to change the font of a word and its translation, their colors, position and size of main window, used dictionary. There are two dictionary borrowed from similar program IT v1.3 of AV(T) company. One distionary contains 176 computer terms and another contains more than 12000 different words. There is a possibility to use your own dictionary. Its format may be seen in existing dictionaries. The program is written in C++ using cross-platform framework WxWidgets and can be run in both Windows and Linux.
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