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NetLink v3.2 NetLink is an instant messenger that allows to communicate with other users connected across the same LAN, similar to WinPopup and NT Messenger service.
NetLink works under all versions of OS Windows: Windows 9x/Me, Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003.
NetLink uses the same messages format as WinPopup, NetTalk, RealPopup, LanTalk and some others do. Therefore, with NetLink it is possible to communicate with users that use these programs.
NetLink can store up to 500 incoming messages and provides an easy access to them. NetLink can perform seaching for available computers in a network. There are two searching modes:
  • Search for all computers and workgroups/domains
  • Search for computers only in current workgroup/domain
There is a posibility to send the same message to several users simultaneously. NetLink has an autoanswer mode. In this mode autoanswer sends a message in reply to an incoming message. Also NetLink has a log to file mode. In this mode all of incoming and outgoing messages are saved to log file.
It is possible to launch program at Windows startup, play a sound at message receiving, using hotkeys for most functions, filter messages, etc.
The program is developed in Visual C++ using Windows API only. Messages exchanging is implemented using Windows mailslots mechanism.
NetLink v3.3 Enhanced version of the program. New features are the following:
  • Long messages sending (up to 1024 characters)
  • Read/unread messages support
  • Filter by messages content
  • Ability to use ignore list as accept list
  • Limited/unlimited log file size, optional saving of incoming/outgoing messages
  • Ability to stop Messenger service at NetLink startup
  • Import settings of previous version of the program
  • Domain/workgroup name in main window caption
  • New design of splash screen
  • NetLink Homepage URL in main menu
  • Small interface improvements
  • Lisence files were added to distribution package
  • Updated HTML help
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